Welcome to Alumni Association of College of Engineering Kallooppara(AACEK)

Alumni Meet 2017 and Felicitation of Entrepreneurs on 23/12/2017 

Alumni Association of College of Engineering Kallooppara(AACEK) is formed to carry out the mission and Vision of College of Engineering Kallooppara in General, and in particular, to provide an organization through which the Alumni of the College of Engineering Kallooppara, faculty, staff and students of the institute can interact with each other for mutual benefit and for the benefit of society at large.

                                 The objectives includes facilitating interaction between old students,to renew contacts and strengthen relationships among former students and teachers , to organize academic activities like lectures, seminars, workshops etc. and to establish an Alumni Activity center to arrange the above for the benefit of present day students utilizing the service of former students or former members of the teaching faculty. It also aims at Keeping alive the pride and fame of College of Engineering Kallooppara.  Instituting scholarships and endowments for students of outstanding merit in academic and non- academic fields and also for economically backward students and to institute awards and prizes for teachers of proven merit recognized by a competent authority are also the objectives of the Organization.

                                 AACEK will act as a discriminating agency for transmitting knowledge, help the students to find out job opportunities through placement cell, strive for placing qualified fresh graduates in well established organizations and other academic institutions in India and abroad and to provide service to the people.