Organizational Structure

1.1 Organizational Structure of the Association consists of:

  1. a) The GENERAL BODY
    b) The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and Office Bearers (President etc).

2.1 The GENERAL BODY consists of all Members registered in the membership registry.
2.2 Member Voting Rights: Each Alumnus Member will have ONE VOTE in the GENERAL BODY.
2.3 Supreme Authority: The GENERAL BODY shall be the supreme authority in all matters pertaining to CEKAA

  2.4 The Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) of the Association shall be held during last weekend of December every year, at the institute premises or at such notified place and at such time and date as the executive committee may determine to transact  the following business:
     2.4.1 Notice for AGM: At least 21 days notice shall be given for holding the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary’s report and the audited statement of accounts of the preceding financial year shall be circulated and/or posted on the association’s website at least seven days prior to the date of Annual General Body Meeting.
     2.4.2 Approval of Annual Report and Accounts: To approve the annual report and the audited statement of accounts of the Association for the previous financial year ending, 31st March.
    2.4.3 Election of the Executive Committee: To elect the members of the Executive Committee of the association and office bearers as required.
    2.4.4 Appointment of Auditor: To appoint auditor or auditors to hold office from the conclusion of one Annual General Body Meeting to the conclusion of next Annual General Body Meeting.
2.4.5 Resolution of General Matters: To discuss, and resolve matters of general interest to the members which may be placed before the meeting or any other matter for which seven days notice has been received from any member, subject to the permission of the chair.
2.5 An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the members of the association may be called by the executive committee or by the members request.
2.5.1 EC Initiated EGM: An Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of the association may called by the executive committee on its own.
     2.5.2 Members Requested EGM: Such Extraordinary General Meeting shall also be called at the request made to the executive committee in writing by at least 25 registered members of the association.
     2.5.3 The announcement of the EGM shall be done within one month from the date of receipt of their requisition in writing, and the actual meeting conducted not later than 30 days’ from the date of the announcement. For holding an Extraordinary General Body Meeting, 30 days clear notice shall be given to the members specifying the business to be transacted.